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The Teenagers of Kansas

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24th March 2009

2natraps12:11am: Howdy!
I live, part-time, 45 minutes outside of Wichita, Kansas! Go up to Wilmore quite a bit, too!

The other half is spent in Houston, Texas. :/

23rd June 2005

u_makeme_crazy2:33am: Newbie..dead community!
My vote is yall need to get some ppl to join this thing! LOL I'm Lottie, I'm almost 15, I'm from Great Bend Kansas....And hellskitten or w/e (( sorry didn't look *THAT* close at your s/n my bad)) I read that you're from Pratt..which is all kindsa crazy because my dad lives in Iuka. So yea, well anyway, that's me..but yea.
Current Mood: crazy

14th May 2005

inuyashacwc8911:33pm: Hey peps
Hey everyone my name is Christopher I am 16 and I live in Wichita. My friend Megan runs this site so i thought why not join it. She told me im a mod but im not shure cause we have some probs but ya anyhow. I go to school at south high, good goop of kids, bad teachers,lol. But ya ttulz peace out pepoples.
hellishkitten10:51pm: Yo.
Hey :D I'm the mod of this here community. So. This is how it goes. If you're from Kansas, or used to live in Kansas and you're between 13 and 19. Physically or mentally I guess too. You can join. :D Just do a little.. formy thingy on your first post.. or comment.. Or something. I don't know. Anyway. Have it go something like this:
Name: Megan
Nickname: Meggerz, Meggy, Meg
Age: 16
Location: Pratt, KS
School: Pratt High
Interests: Rock, Cars, Street Racing, Skateboarding

Just something along those lines. You know what I mean. You could even go all out and post one of them things from emails if you want. haha. But anyway. That's all. Start joining! :D
Current Mood: calm
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